Fixing Water Damaged Blackberry Phone

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What to do if you get your Blackberry phone wet accidentally.

There are several ways of fixing your water damaged BlackBerry. The first method needs to be done with caution, care, and quickly.

-First, remove all extra pieces like the battery and its cover. Then, for about 5 minutes at a time, use a blow dryer set on a low heat setting. If this is not possible, hold the phone away from the dryer about a foot to avoid risking any more damage as the heat of the dryer can ruin the fragile electronics. Be patient and wait till the next day to replace the battery and power up the phone to make sure all moisture has been dried up.

-Next method of fixing a water damaged BlackBerry is the most popular and most successful method. After the phone has been submerged in water, remove its battery. Place the BlackBerry in a bowl of uncooked rice. Be sure to cover the entire phone with rice and cover the bowl. Rice is great at absorbing moisture (just like when you cook rice – boil water and then steam the rice!). It is best to leave the phone in the rice for about a day just to be sure the water has been absorbed by the rice.

Hope that helps, if you need to check out some parts for your Blackberry phone, push the big blue button on the top right.


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