DIY Blackberry USB Replacement

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broken blackberry usb

Have you ever pulled out the USB wire and accidentally pulled the whole usb unit out and thought of what to do next?  Heres an article that I ran across,  (from Computer Guru) its for a Blackberry 7100t.  Seeing how it was broken down and repair and replacing the USB unit can cost over $100 to get fixed and replaced.

First find and get your Blackberry parts here. Most of theUSB unit looks like this:

-Next we take the Blackberry phone apart by removing the screws in the back.

-Once you have taken the back plate off it should look something like this:

-This picture is just a reference, so yours may not look exactly like this, but close. The yellow arrow indicates the USB port that needs to be replaced.

-Next, we get the USB unit off of the motherboard. Many ways to do this but a simple one is to use a de-solderizing tool.

-Location of where the new USB port goes here.

-Here is what it looks like when soldered in with USB Unit.

This is my wonderful job of soldering. Basicly used the solder that was left on the PCB (green part) and just heated the pins with soldering iron.

-Finally here is what it looks like when put back together.

This short article is not to be intended to be a technical guide, but a general guide for the laymans.


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