Fixing Water Damaged Blackberry Phone

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What to do if you get your Blackberry phone wet accidentally.

There are several ways of fixing your water damaged BlackBerry. The first method needs to be done with caution, care, and quickly.

-First, remove all extra pieces like the battery and its cover. Then, for about 5 minutes at a time, use a blow dryer set on a low heat setting. If this is not possible, hold the phone away from the dryer about a foot to avoid risking any more damage as the heat of the dryer can ruin the fragile electronics. Be patient and wait till the next day to replace the battery and power up the phone to make sure all moisture has been dried up.

-Next method of fixing a water damaged BlackBerry is the most popular and most successful method. After the phone has been submerged in water, remove its battery. Place the BlackBerry in a bowl of uncooked rice. Be sure to cover the entire phone with rice and cover the bowl. Rice is great at absorbing moisture (just like when you cook rice – boil water and then steam the rice!). It is best to leave the phone in the rice for about a day just to be sure the water has been absorbed by the rice.

Hope that helps, if you need to check out some parts for your Blackberry phone, push the big blue button on the top right.



DIY Battery Powered USB Charger

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This is an excerpt to an article from Instructables on building your own battery powered usb charger, it is very detailed.  In this post I will only cover the basic features and will provide you with the url at the end of the article.

The charger circuitry and 2 AA batteries fit into an Altoids gum tin, and will run your iPod for hours: 2.5x more than you’d get from a 9V USB charger! You can use rechargable batteries too.

This project is suitable for beginners, some soldering tools are necessary but even if you’ve never soldered before it should be pretty easy. Here is what you need to have, look at the pics:

As I said here are the basic items that you need to make this battery usb charger for your Blackberry. Any other Blackberry parts needs replacing please go to our big blue button on the top right.  Here is the url (!—Small-battery-powered-USB-charger/?ALLSTEPS) for the full detailed explanation on making this battery usb charger. Though the article talks about charging an iPod, this works for a Blackberry cell phone as well.


Blackberry Parts Coupons

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According to Hitwise an internet marketing company that tracks stats for search marketing for regular internet and mobile, shows who wants traffic to their sites should consider search terms like “free shipping” and “coupon.” Hitwise took a look at how searches for these terms tend to increase dramatically around the holidays, especially in the mobile market.

Whether you sell parts for  iPhone, Gphone, or better a Blackberry. Why not offer coupons and discounts for the holiday?


Offers in the coupon world can take many forms. Below are just a few ideas.

* Buy one, get one free Blackberry trackball ring Chrome, or Blackberry Curve Parts.
* Cross-sell/up-sell where consumers are rewarded with a cost-saving offer for extending a purchase to additional products.
* Trial, free, or highly discounted offers to incent first time or repeat purchase.

Delivery Method(s)

* Search generated: Many consumers in the purchase research process will search phrases such as “Blackberry parts coupons” or “Blackberry Pearl parts”; the terms “coupon” and “coupons” alone generated over 36 million searches on Google in June.
* Short code/number: Consumers input a short code/number and then receive an e-mail coupon or link to offer details.
* Application: Device-specific applications that provide consumers with coupons and offers based on geography and product/service category.
* E-mail: Coupons “pushed” to consumers based on user-determined opt-in category requests for offers.
* Other media: Outdoor, print, and broadcast messages embedded with links or short code/numbers to receive coupon/offers.

Coupons are a great method for connecting online and mobile search behavior to offline and walk-in purchases. Redemption and clearing methods that rely on UPC (Uniform Code Council) codes are ideal for collecting success metrics.

As local search continues to grow it shows how consumers shape purchase decisions online and via mobile devices, smart marketers will leverage marketing techniques to grow market share in an increasingly complex media environment. Mobile coupons are a great way to influence purchasers at point of purchase and enable marketers to bridge online/mobile search behavior usage to purchase.


Blackberry Trackball Ring Pink $1.95

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Heres your chance to buy a Blackberry trackball ring for $1.95! Its the season to stock up or to replace your  Blackberry trackball ring.  Get it from, its at a very affordable price $1.95.  Fonlogix does offer in color chrome as well.

Go ahead and click on the big blue button or the above pics to make a purchase.


Best Ways To Clean Blackberry Trackball

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For those that have Blackberry cell phones, they work very nice.  However, one problem is sometimes the trackball gets a little dirty with lint and dirt that you can’t see.  This screws up with the cursor movement.  Here are some simple steps to clean your Blackberry trackball

The silver ring which covers the trackball can easily be removed if you use a small screwdriver to lift it at the outer side of the ring. Be careful here! Like you should be during the whole process as all parts have very small plastic nipple which can break very easy.

When the silver plastic ring is removed you will see the inner trackball component which can be removed completely. Before doing this you should carefully remove the silver metal ring that holds the trackball component in its position. The trackball component itself can also be carved. For every direction the ball can roll to you’ll find a sensor wheel. Those wheels are mostly carrying some gunk you should clean them from.

Once this is done put everything back together to the place the pieces came from and secure the trackball with the silver plastic ring you removed in the first step. Your BlackBerry’s trackball should be back working now.

For more information and to acquire Blackberry curve parts you can go to


Blackberry 8300 Parts Removal

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This short video on Blackberry 8300 shows you how to take a part the screen and curve.  If you’ve never done it before, it can be a pain for the non-mechanically inclined.

If you need some Blackberry parts go to


DIY Blackberry USB Replacement

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broken blackberry usb

Have you ever pulled out the USB wire and accidentally pulled the whole usb unit out and thought of what to do next?  Heres an article that I ran across,  (from Computer Guru) its for a Blackberry 7100t.  Seeing how it was broken down and repair and replacing the USB unit can cost over $100 to get fixed and replaced.

First find and get your Blackberry parts here. Most of theUSB unit looks like this:

-Next we take the Blackberry phone apart by removing the screws in the back.

-Once you have taken the back plate off it should look something like this:

-This picture is just a reference, so yours may not look exactly like this, but close. The yellow arrow indicates the USB port that needs to be replaced.

-Next, we get the USB unit off of the motherboard. Many ways to do this but a simple one is to use a de-solderizing tool.

-Location of where the new USB port goes here.

-Here is what it looks like when soldered in with USB Unit.

This is my wonderful job of soldering. Basicly used the solder that was left on the PCB (green part) and just heated the pins with soldering iron.

-Finally here is what it looks like when put back together.

This short article is not to be intended to be a technical guide, but a general guide for the laymans.

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