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According to Hitwise an internet marketing company that tracks stats for search marketing for regular internet and mobile, shows who wants traffic to their sites should consider search terms like “free shipping” and “coupon.” Hitwise took a look at how searches for these terms tend to increase dramatically around the holidays, especially in the mobile market.

Whether you sell parts for  iPhone, Gphone, or better a Blackberry. Why not offer coupons and discounts for the holiday?


Offers in the coupon world can take many forms. Below are just a few ideas.

* Buy one, get one free Blackberry trackball ring Chrome, or Blackberry Curve Parts.
* Cross-sell/up-sell where consumers are rewarded with a cost-saving offer for extending a purchase to additional products.
* Trial, free, or highly discounted offers to incent first time or repeat purchase.

Delivery Method(s)

* Search generated: Many consumers in the purchase research process will search phrases such as “Blackberry parts coupons” or “Blackberry Pearl parts”; the terms “coupon” and “coupons” alone generated over 36 million searches on Google in June.
* Short code/number: Consumers input a short code/number and then receive an e-mail coupon or link to offer details.
* Application: Device-specific applications that provide consumers with coupons and offers based on geography and product/service category.
* E-mail: Coupons “pushed” to consumers based on user-determined opt-in category requests for offers.
* Other media: Outdoor, print, and broadcast messages embedded with links or short code/numbers to receive coupon/offers.

Coupons are a great method for connecting online and mobile search behavior to offline and walk-in purchases. Redemption and clearing methods that rely on UPC (Uniform Code Council) codes are ideal for collecting success metrics.

As local search continues to grow it shows how consumers shape purchase decisions online and via mobile devices, smart marketers will leverage marketing techniques to grow market share in an increasingly complex media environment. Mobile coupons are a great way to influence purchasers at point of purchase and enable marketers to bridge online/mobile search behavior usage to purchase.


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